Affordable wedding venue in Indianapolis

Your wedding venue is the foundation of your big day, and you want it to be perfect for the design aesthetic you have in mind. It should accommodate all of your guests without breaking your budget. No matter if you’re looking at cheap wedding venues or something more high-class, you want to keep these 10 points in mind when you look at a wedding venue in Westfield.

  1. Pay Attention to the Lighting

The lighting in your venue can make or break your ceremony or reception. If you plan to have a daytime wedding, check and see if the venue has a lot of windows to take advantage of natural lighting. For an evening wedding, make sure the room isn’t too dim. Also, you should be able to control the lighting to turn it up for your big entrance or back down to create a fun mood for dancing and celebrating. Ideally, you’ll visit your venue at the same time of day you plan to have your wedding to get a good feel for the lighting.

  1. Space

The space is so important when you consider your wedding venue. You want to have enough room to accommodate the number of friends and family you intend to invite. Keep in mind that space can look huge when it’s empty. However, you’ll add things like chairs, tables, bar, buffet, and a DJ or band setup. The dance floor can quickly fill up, and you want your guests to have enough room to move.


  1. Indoor and Outdoor Options

Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst with your wedding. Weather is unpredictable, so you want to check and see if there are any covered or indoor options available if you plan to have your wedding outside. If your chosen venue has indoor and outdoor options available, you can set up a plan B if it rains or storms.

  1. Privacy

Every wedding venue has different privacy practices in place. If your venue is at a public place like a beach or garden, you should prepare to have strangers walk by and smile or wave. Hotels and banquet halls also usually have more than one wedding at a time going on, so you want to know how sound carries. You could try to schedule your wedding by itself, but many bigger hotels host more than one wedding at once. You could rent out a gallery or restaurant to make your party guests-only or ask about on-site security to increase privacy.

  1. Decor

Does the venue’s decor match your wedding decor? If you have specific colors picked out, make sure your venue can accommodate them. The carpets, walls, curtains, and decorations shouldn’t clash with your chosen pallet. If they do and you can’t change them, you may need to look elsewhere. Neutral colors are nice to have because they go with a lot of different themes.

  1. Parking

Parking is paramount. Your venue of choice should have plenty of parking space for all of your wedding party and guests. Since people will dress up, you don’t want them to have to walk far from their vehicles to get to the venue. If parking is short, look into renting shuttles to get people to your venue from a designated space.

  1. Bathrooms

Many people forget about bathrooms when they look at an affordable wedding venue in Indianapolis. There should be enough bathrooms at the venue to accommodate your guests. You want them to be clean and check and see if they have ADA-compliant ones if your guests need them.

  1. Vendor Restrictions

Some venues want you to use their in-house vendors for alcohol, catering, bands, and wedding planners, while other venues allow you to use your own. Check and see which preference any cheap wedding venues you look at have for vendors. This will help you narrow down your list.

  1. Acoustics

Good acoustics is key to your wedding. If your space echos too much, your band could have unexpected reverb. It could also make it challenging for your guests to hear one another. Ask about the acoustics of your potential venue and tailor your music to match.

  1. Dance Floor

If you plan to have a dance at your reception, does your wedding venue in Westfield have a dance floor? If not, does it give you the space to build one, and will the venue allow it? Make sure you ask about this when you take a tour of the space if it’s essential to your wedding.

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