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Even the best-laid plans can have unforeseeable roadblocks. For many happy couples, the recent coronavirus pandemic means having to reschedule or cancel wedding plans during this time. Luckily, Acacia Stables is here to help for couples searching for a wedding venue in Indianapolis later in the year.


$1000 Off Your Wedding Venue with Acacia Stables

We understand how difficult it can be to decide to postpone your big day, and this is why we want to make searching for a wedding venue in Westfield simple and as easy as possible. We’re offering $1,000 off the venue price for the first 20 bookings we receive, and we have gorgeous grounds available to accommodate a variety of styles and guest list sizes.

At Acacia Stables, our brand-new event venue is perfect for any bride looking to reschedule their wedding to a later date. Our dates are going fast, so we do encourage you to take a look around now and lock in your new date as soon as you possibly can.


How to Support the Bride and Groom During the Rescheduling Process

If you’re a friend or family member who wants to support the bride and groom during this trying time, there are several things you can do. We’ve picked out the biggest ones and outlined them for you below.



While you may not be able to get the whole wedding party together in person, FaceTime is an excellent way to help lift the bride’s spirit and keep the wedding atmosphere alive. Invest your time into being there for your friend. If they want to vent, let them. If they don’t answer, leave them an encouraging voicemail.


Healthy Distractions

Consider planning a small and healthy distraction for the couple that will help them release some stress and relax about the whole situation. You could plan a virtual game night, or you may even want to send them a fun card game the bride and groom can play together. Set up a group Skype or FaceTime call to distract them for a few hours.


Send a Surprise

It’s not possible to go out to restaurants and enjoy yourself now, but you can get the bride a margarita with a Venmo gift. Another option you have is to set up an UberEats order and have it sent to their house. SmallPackages is another excellent idea that has personalized care packages shipped right to their door.


Contact Acacia Stables

Whether you’re postponing or rescheduling entirely and you need a venue, contact us. Our venue availability is going fast, and snagging one of the first 20 bookings will save you $1,000 that you can put toward your honeymoon. Book now.