How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding that Won’t Break the Bank

First, our congratulations on your engagement. You both have wonderful adventures ahead of you. First comes the challenge of planning a wedding and reception within your budget.

According to The Knot, the average American wedding costs more than $35,000. That doesn’t mean you have to spend anywhere near that amount to make your special day unforgettable. We should know. Acacia Stables is a popular and highly respected rustic wedding venue in Indianapolis. We’ve met budget challenges for countless engaged couples and helped show them how to have beautiful and memorable weddings on their budgetary terms.

Here are our leading tips for planning an affordable and lovely event.

Recognize and work within your constraints.

How much can you and should you spend? Put your heads together and put a realistic total budget figure on paper. This is your honest starting point, and it should keep your planning on a practical track.

Draw up your guest list.event venue in westfield

If it’s just you and your beloved and a set of witnesses, your budgetary challenge is easier than if you both have large families, many close friends, and an invitation list well into the hundreds. Take a cold hard look at the list if you find it’s a budget-buster. Do you have to invite everyone you both work with? How about that cousin you haven’t seen since you were a child? It might be difficult, but whittling a list down to size can work wonders on tight budgets.

Break out your must-haves and work from there.

If some wedding and reception elements are non-negotiable regardless of cost, recognize that and start working your budget from that point. Now you can focus on the non-essentials, in declining order. For instance, you might both prefer a live band to a DJ, but your guests can dance to either, and the DJ might be half the cost or less. You might also be interviewing professional photographers with impressive wedding portfolios, but maybe you’ve got a talented amateur photographer friend who’ll snap for free.

Get creative.

Sure, you could hire a professional wedding planner or designer to help establish your theme and decorate your venue. But if one of you or a friend is a professional graphic designer or otherwise artistically talented, you could save significant cost in this budget area and end up with a breathtaking event.

Decide early on a venue.

This could be half of your total budget or more. At Acacia Stables, an affordable wedding venue in Indianapolis, we specialize in unforgettable celebrations in a setting that’s both beautiful and adaptable to every budget.

Call us at (317) 763-2020 or send an email to Let us show you around our venue. You’ll see how you can start your lives together with a wedding and reception that will provide a lifetime of memories at an affordable cost.

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