6 Factors to Consider When Planning Your Family Reunion


Someone comes up with the bright idea of throwing a family reunion and starts sending off emails. How hard can it be?

Such a gathering might give you a lifetime of memories. It might become an annual event. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a challenge. We know that because, as a popular event venue in Westfield, we’ve hosted more than our share of family reunions and similar gatherings.

Here’s what we think are the prime factors you should focus on for a successful get-together.

Consider what “family” entails

If the concept of family defines a few adult siblings and their kids, there’s a whole lot less involved than if you’re inviting those second cousins from Germany you’ve never met and the great-aunt and uncle you haven’t spoken to for decades for reasons no one remembers. Start drawing up an invitee list to see how complicated things might get.

Share the planning.

If the group entails 30 adults, you’ll have 30 ideas of where the event should be held, what kind of venue it should be, and who handles the money and makes reservations. One of your first steps should be to seek out volunteers who want to be part of the planning. That “entertainment committee” should represent all branches of the family. Then form a Facebook Group or other social media mechanism for sharing information and exchanging ideas.

Capture the crowd.

If you decide that Las Vegas is your destination because there are lots to do there, you could be setting yourself up for failure. That’s too open-ended. Members might drift. You’re better off finding a venue with boundaries. You can “capture” attendees by holding the event within the grounds of an amusement park, a campground, a hotel complex, or a small island. Don’t let them get away!

Consider financial realities.

A two-week cruise to the Maldives? Sounds awesome! But how many retired relatives on fixed incomes or young families with kids will be able to afford the trip? Unless a wealthy family member is subsidizing the event, you’re better off making plans that are more realistic for all.

Remember geography.

In addition to cost challenges, another reason to not plan a cruise to far-flung ports of call is that it will be an exhausting planes, trains and automobiles affair for most. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Get a map and start pinning real or virtual thumbtacks to show the home locations of all attendees. If you’re the outlier, don’t make the destination the park down your street. Make arrivals and departures as easy as possible for as many as possible.

Have something for everyone.

What’s the age range? If it’s two through 92, you need diverse activities. Sitting on lawn chairs and chatting ain’t going to make it for the young’uns, and an extreme sports theme on a tropical island might kill off a senior or two. A mix of age-appropriate activities will please all.

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