When you plan your wedding, one of the most stressful aspects is the seating chart. How do you balance keeping everyone happy with your choice while trying to find space for everyone? Wedding reception venues can only hold a set amount of people, and it can be a challenge to find enough space for everyone. We’ll give you several quick tips on how to set up a seating chart for your rustic wedding venue below.


  1. Organize by Groupsrustic wedding indianapolis

 Chances are, everyone won’t know who everyone else is at the venue. You have a diverse circle of friends, but there’s an easy way to make sure they have a good time. Organize your seating chart by groups. You can have one group for high school friends, family members, work friends, college friends, and more. This will give you a good idea of who does and doesn’t get along.


  1. Have Your Parents Help Seat Their Friends

 If you had your parents invite some guests to your wedding and you don’t know them or their history, ask your parents for help. They can help you decide who will do best seated by who, the ones you should avoid seating together, and how to create a nice mix of personalities that gel. In turn, it can help ensure everyone has a good time. As a bonus, your parents will probably be thrilled to help.


  1. Keep Your Venue In Mind

Whether you have a rustic wedding venue in mind or an elegant ballroom, the shape and flow of the room will play into your seating chart. Your wedding party should have some of the best seats in the house, and any older guests may want to be further from the band to dim the noise. If anyone is in a wheelchair or has another mobility impairment, they may prefer to be on the edges of the room, so it’s easy to move.


  1. Use a Digital Seating Chart

Instead of a traditional paper seating chart that can get very cluttered and smudged as you rearrange people, consider using a digital one. This way, you can change people, reorganize the space, and note any special considerations you have to address. It also allows you to easily share it with your wedding planners or party to get their advice. 


  1. Pick a Table Shape

Your table shape will dictate how many people can sit at the table, and the shape will also dictate how many tables you can get into your venue. Look at different wedding reception venues that offer enough room for different table sizes, and get a good layout in your mind that accommodates your guests.


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