Wedding photographers are slightly more challenging to pin down because you can’t taste, smell, or hear their products. It can even be difficult to see what they offer. This means you have to be very careful when choosing to ensure you’re happy with the final results. This is why we’re going to give you several tips to help you pick out the photographer to match your style below.

Tip One – Pick a Style

What style do you want to have for your entire wedding? Maybe you want classic and chic with a modern twist, or you’d prefer a rustic and laid-back wedding. Whatever your style, make sure it’s prominent. Once you pick one, find photographs that capture that style. What draws you to them? Do they have a lot of formal portraits and group shots, or do they have a more intimate touch? This will help you decide if you need a classic or dramatic photographer.

Tip Two – Tour Wedding Reception Venues

Your photographer will use your wedding reception venue as the backdrop for many of your shots. When you tour the event venue in Carmel, pay attention to the details. See if your photographer will have the space for the types of shots you want to remember your wedding with. If you have an outdoor venue, get a photographer that excels in outdoor photography. The same goes for indoor photography.

Tip Three – Ask for Portfolio Shots

Every photographer will have some type of portfolio that displays their past work and examples of their talent. Ask to see their portfolios and see if their style and capabilities match up with what you want for your wedding. They should have shots that mimic the environment of your wedding, and you should ask and see which shots they excel at and which ones they’re not comfortable with.

Tip Four – Find Kindred Personalities

Pay close attention to how your photographer acts when you describe your wedding and your hopes for the photographs. Do they seem excited and have ideas? Do they seem disinterested or like you’re wasting their time? Your personality and your photographer’s personalities must match or mess well. If they do, you’ll have an easier time conveying what you expect with your wedding photographs.

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