In today’s digital world, the bulk of the wedding planning process happens online. You can shop for wedding reception venues, coordinate your wedding party, set up your registry, and much more helpful and user-friendly apps and websites. We’ll detail several of these apps and websites for you below.


  1. Virtual Venue Tour

If you’re looking for a beautiful but affordable wedding venue in Westfield, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your choices. However, most wedding venues have virtual tours or photos available that showcase the venue space. Take a few hours and take virtual tours of several venues to compare them.


  1. WeddingWire

WeddingWire is a digital agenda that helps you plan out every detail of your big day. It has budgeting tools, guest list organizers, and inspirational content. You input your wedding date, and the app will guide you through the planning process. You can create custom checklists, search for local wedding reception venues, and search for vendors.


  1. Carats & Cake

Have you ever been to a wedding and wonder who put together the flower arrangements or made the centerpiece? If so, Carats and Cake will help. They’ve created a database that details all of the vendors they use in their weddings. You can find in-depth reviews, exhaustive portfolios, and book your choices through the site.


  1. AllSeated

Creating the seating arrangement can be one of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of the wedding, especially if you end up redoing it several times. AllSeated makes it easy. This free app offers caterer management, venue mapping, guest lists, vendor management, and several other core features. You can also create interactive seating charts.


  1. Joy

Joy is a free and user-friendly website that you can use to create your own stunning wedding website. It offers a host of useful features, like giving you the ability to create a registry. You can also use the site to set up your guest list and send out paper invitations. It helps you track everything you need to pull off the perfect big day.


  1. Splitwise

Think of all of the pre-wedding planning expenses you have. How do you keep track of who is going to pay what? This app is especially useful if you have a larger wedding party and they’re throwing wedding showers for you. It allows you to group your expenses by the trip, upload any receipts you have, and categorize your friends by a group.


  1. Zola

While we love blenders and other kitchen equipment as much as any young couple, what do you really want? Zola features everything from standard department store items like Waterford-crystal stemware and bedding to Sonos sound systems. You can set up a charity cash fund or a honeymoon fund, and your guests can pool their money for bigger items. You get a 10% discount for a year after your wedding.


  1. Evernote

You most likely have screenshots or pins of what you want to have at your wedding, but this is messy, and it makes it easier to forget things. Evernote will organize all of these snapshots, notes, receipts, and website links. You can import wedding-related emails and save price sheets.


  1. WeddingHappy

This app is a type-A bride’s dream. You’ll get a visual on how many tasks you completed and how many are left. There are bubbled checklists, space to keep vendor information, a wedding countdown timer, and an inbox to sort through your wedding-related messages.


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