6 Factors to Consider When Planning Your Family Reunion

Using an outdoor wedding venue in Indianapolis can be the perfect way to start your marriage that perfectly reflects the theme of your wedding. If you have all of the planning under control, a day-of wedding coordinator can come to your wedding venue in Indianapolis and iron out all of the small details to ensure your big day is everything you dreamed it would be. Here are the top five reasons to consider hiring a day-of wedding planner.

1. They Save Time

Keeping track of the dozens of little details that go into your wedding is very time-consuming. Additionally, it can add a lot of stress onto your day that can overshadow what is supposed to be a happy and memorable occasion. Most day-of wedding planners work more than just the day of the wedding itself, and this can help to save you time. They’ll keep track of all the small details and make sure they’re executed exactly how you planned.

2. They Act as a Vendor Go-Between

All of your other vendors will breathe a sigh of relief when they realize you hired a day-of wedding coordinator. Instead of coming to the busy bride, groom, or someone in the wedding party with all of their questions, they can go to this person instead. This removes a considerable level of stress from them, and this coordinator allows the bride and wedding party to focus on getting ready for the big moment.

3. They Handle Any Disasters

Even the best-laid plans can derail on your wedding day. An experienced coordinator will know what any potential disasters are. In turn, they can plan for them accordingly. For example, maybe you have one vendor that is very new to weddings, and they don’t know how the day flows. The coordinator can instruct them.

4. They Act As Your Advocate

A good coordinator will be happy to act as your advocate on your wedding day. You can communicate with them early on what you want and don’t want. They’ll take all of this

information and relay it to the different participants of your party. They may talk to vendors, organize the catering, set up the venue, or make sure all of your decorations are ready.

5. They Advise You

If you get an experienced day-of wedding coordinator on your side, you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. They can help you find your outdoor wedding venue in Indianapolis, recommend vendors, and help create the atmosphere you want at your wedding. They can also help ensure your day goes smoothly from start to finish.

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