Affordable wedding venue in westfield


Planning a wedding is a big task that can take months to sort through all of the small details. You have to tour wedding reception venues, find florists, caterers, entertainment options, find you dress, find bridesmaid’s dresses, set up the reception and ceremony, and much more. This ultimate wedding planning guide will highlight the essential details you don’t want to forget.


Set a Budget

One of the earliest things you want to do is set a budget for your wedding. This will give you a good idea of how much money you can allocate to your essentials, needs, and wants. This isn’t the most fun decision to make, but it’s one of the first things you do on your wedding to-do list. You don’t want to fall in love with dress, location, or vendor and find out that they’re way over your budget. Sit down with your family and fiance and set a realistic budget.


Set Up a Planner

With everything you’re trying to remember for your wedding and engagement, it’s easy to forget one or two key details. Get a planner and use it religiously. Write down all of those stray thoughts you have and develop a plan to sort out all of the small details that go into planning your wedding. You can start a wedding blog or have a digital planner if you don’t want to carry around a paper one.


Start Your Guest List

No, you don’t have to finalize your guest list right now. However, you do want to set a rough estimate early. This will help you plan with the caterer. You can have better luck looking for an affordable wedding venue in Indianapolis if you know around how many people you need space to accommodate. Having a 50-person wedding is eons away from a 300-person bash, so get a general guest list range right away.


Tour Venues

Don’t settle on the first venue you come across. You want to tour options for your wedding venue in Westfield. Do you want an indoor or outdoor venue? Maybe you want a space that can convert to both and have your reception and ceremony in the same space. Ensure there is enough space for your guests, seating arrangements, and the venue’s aesthetic should match your wedding.


Pick a Date and Send Invitations

Have you always dreamed of a warm summer wedding or a winter wonderland? Maybe you want something in the spring or fall. Whatever your plan, set a date early. Ideally, your date should be at least six months out, but you’ll need more time if it’s around the holidays because vendors and venues book well in advance. It makes it easier to plan everything with a specific date in mind, and sending invitations will go quicker with a date and venue set.


Pick Your Wedding Party

Are you going to have a small and intimate ceremony with a few of your closest friends, or do you want something bigger? Pick out your bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesmen, or grooms women, or friends of honor early. They can help you come up with venue and caterer options, and they’ll get in on the planning process early to help your big day go off without a hitch.


Consider Hiring Help

It’s easy to get too overwhelmed when you plan your wedding, especially if you have a large event. It could be in your best interest to hire help like a wedding planner. They’re experienced in pulling together weddings of all sizes and styles, and they’ll help you schedule and remember the million and one things you have to do to get ready for your wedding and reception.


Book Vendors

Always book your vendors several months in advance. Make appointments with florists, entertainment, caterers, photographer, officiant, and any other important vendor. You’ll have to have your date and venue picked out with a lot of vendors, so be prepared for this going in. Also, set a budget with each vendor.


Purchase Wedding Attire

You want to look stunning on your big day, but you have to outfit your entire wedding party. Schedule a few days and go dress or wedding attire shopping. This is an excellent time to bond with your wedding party and get into the spirit of the festivities.


Contact Acacia Stables

Although this list only covers the larger points to planning a wedding, allow Acacia Stables to help you with an elegant and affordable wedding venue in Indianapolis. You can tour our venue, take a look at our indoor and outdoor options, talk decor, find availability, and more. We’ll help you have the wedding of your dreams, and it all starts by getting in touch with our staff.